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ATM Placement for your business

US ATM Network, Inc. is a nationwide provider of reliable, secure and affordable ATM services. Our ATM terminals operate 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 365 days/year including holidays. US ATM Network, Inc. is an independent ATM company, ACDBE, DBE, MWBE, SBE & EBE-certified. The company owns and operates ATMs nationwide and specializes in airports, entertainment venues, convenience stores, municipal buildings, universities, hotel chains, and restaurants.


About US

US ATM Network, Inc. operates a network of high-quality ATM locations throughout the US. Our goal is to enable our customers to increase sales, provide their customers with convenient access to cash, and provide an additional stream of revenue. Through our extensive network of partnerships with multiple national banks, armored car services, and subcontractors, we offer reliable ATM services nationwide.


  • Utilizing only the most reliable ATM equipment in the industry, Genmega and Hyosung. Best in performance and security

  • Weekly or monthly reporting of each terminal is available

  • Terminal cash levels are remotely monitored hourly, 24 hours/day, 365 days/year including holidays

  • Reliable uptime averaging 99.9% uptime, accuracy, responsiveness, and terminal appearance & cleanliness

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Customers/locations depend on the ethically and professionally managed systems and processes of US ATM Network, Inc.

Measurable performance goals for any entity employing an ATM Independent Sales Organization (ISO) are percentage of downtime of terminals, responsiveness in repairs, compliance with ADA requirements, providing timely commission checks, and prompt responsive communication. US ATM Network, Inc. is dedicated to meeting the expectations of our customers and strives to provide high quality services to each of our customers.


We Make It Easy For You

We provide complimentary ATM installation, service, maintenance, and insurance. We handle everything including cash management, technical support, repairs, and maintenance. A monthly commission is paid to your business based on cash withdrawal volume.

US ATM Network, Inc. Services


We order, deliver, and install ATMs for your business at no charge. Our technicians load the ATMs when needed so you never have to lift a finger or worry about running out of cash. All ATMs are remotely monitored every day to ensure 99% uptime.


Our ATMs are routinely serviced and upgraded for optimum performance.


Each ATM is equipped with its own wireless modem to ensure that there is no downtime for any transactions.


All ATMs are equipped with security systems that provide notices in the case of a tilt, power loss, or any other type of tampering.


ATM signs are provided for easier visibility for customers.

Get In Touch

US ATM Network will provide you with a ATM placement for your business…  Give us a call at Call 877-637-7770 or email

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